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Superhero Frog Amazing Adventure

Superhero Frog Amazing Adventure is a best adventure type game with a funny superhero frog, free of charge, nice graphics. It offers smooth control which is easy to learn. You can challenge amazing enemies or explore big city. You can drive vehicles, planes, helicopters with a frog. Also there is bosses that you need to beat. Have fun!


-31 interesting, froggy superhero challenges

-14 types of vehicles that you can drive

-Big and amazing open world city for superhero to save

-Several game modes

-Daily rewards

-Updates soon!

How to play:

-Simply drag the gamepad on the left to move superhero, use buttons for actions.


-Move fast to complete levels fast.

-Look for other strategy strategy if hero fails.

-Looking for amazing hidden goods is the useful.

-Collect cash from enemies

Latest game of this kind on the market. Give a try!