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完形 My stutter had always been much of a problem.I'd had so many specialists...

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        My stutter(口吃) had always been much of a problem. I'd had so many specialists for my ____35____ over the years. As I walked down the hallway to meet a new one, memories popped in my head of how painful(痛苦的) being a kid who stutters had been. It ____36____ hurt.
       "Hello! I'm Mrs Claussen. I hear you're from Texas!"
       "Ye-Ye-Ye-Yes m-m-m-m-m-m-aam I am..."My heart felt like it was pounding through my chest and my hands were dripping wet. I really blew that ____37____ .
       "Well, " she said with a ____38____ smile. "I've always like Texas."
       She turned out to be the best speech specialist I've ever had, not like those who told me to clap my hands while speaking. She was ____39____ She spent the first several weeks just talking to me — asking me all kinds of questions about my self, especially my feelings. And she ____40____ . She then began to teach me about the speech. Not just about my speech, but about everybody's.
       I ____41____ in my old school and was a pretty good tenor(男高音), but I learned that the new school's singing group was all filled up. It was such bad news, for I thought that was the one thing I could really do well- and I could do it ____42____ stuttering. Somehow Mrs Clauseen finally got me in the group. I felt like she really cared about me as a person, not just a speech student.
      During the next two years, my speech didn't get much better - except with her. When I was in college, things got worse. I once even wondered if I would ever be able to ____43____ ! It was a very depressing time, and I often felt alone. When I was feeling really sorry for myself, I remembered Mrs Claussen had told me whether I could ____44____ my speech was all up to me. She had told me to fight for perfect speech, just better speech. She was right about that. I finally improved my speech greatly.
       Many years have passed, but I think of her from time to time, wondering if she had as much ____45____  on her other students as she had on me. I like to think that she did. Her name was Mrs Claussen... and she ____46____. I'll never forget her.
35. A. speech                     B. study                     C. dream                    D. fear
36. A. maybe                     B. even                     C. still                      D. never
37. A. instruction                  B. description          C. introduction         D. presentation
38. A. shy                      B. cold                     C. weak                     D. kind
39. A. silent                     B. simple                    C. direct                    D. different
40. A. cried                     B. listened                   C. waited                    D. stopped
41. A. sang                     B. spoke                    C. played                    D. clapped
42. A. against                    B. besides                C. beyond                   D. without
43. A. practise                    B. communicate         C. report                    D. reply
44. A. train                      B. share                     C. change                    D. follow
45. A. advice                     B. influence           C. dependence         D. action
46. A. continued           B. taught                    C. agreed                    D. cared

35. A 根据文章开头告知作者存在的问题”口吃”和第五段第一句话中的speech specialist可知答案为speech
36. C 根据第二段可知,目前问题还没有解决,所以这种痛苦仍然困扰我
37. C 根据本段开头引号中的话可知,那是一段自我介绍
38. D 根据第五段对这个老师的描述”best”可知,作者认可了这个老师,所以语意一定是积极向上且赞扬的
39. D 根据上一句”not like those...”可知这个老师状况和其他老师不一样
40. B 根据前文and可知表顺承关系,根据上一句她一直问我不同的问题,然后听我回答
41. A 根据本段第一句后的”tenor(男高音)”和”singing group”可知答案为唱歌
42. D 根据前文”I could do it well”可知作者在唱歌这件事情上可以不口吃
43. B 根据本段前两句话可知,作者一开始说话还是不利索,甚至一度怀疑自己无法交流
44. C 根据本段最后一句话可知,最后作者的语言能力有了一个较大的提升,对比之前语法能力不好,可知我的语言老师告诉我是否我能改变语言能力完全取决于我
45. B 根据本空前后”as...as”短语和前文中这个老师对我所起的积极影响可知答案
46. D 根据全文可知,作者一直强调他的老师十分在意她教授的学生,可知填care

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