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      Open an app at your smart phone and scan the code bar on the garbage can. When you throw garbage into  the garbage can, it will show the weight of the garbage and the points you can get for doing so. Such a  way of handling garbage has appeared in the residential compounds of some big Chinese cities and it will  become more popular in the foreseeable future. Yes, we are talking about a smart device for garbage  classification: smart garbage can.

       目前,全中国城市生活垃圾产生量一年已经超过2亿吨,带来的环境问题成为城市发展的一大“痛点”,垃圾分类的普 及变得尤为重要。在今年6月5日世界环境日到来之际,中国国家主席习近平强调,培养垃圾分类的好习惯,全社会人人动手,一起来为改善生活环境作努力,一起来为绿色发展、可持续发展作贡献。而在2018年11月,习近平在上海考察社区垃圾分类推广做法时曾表示,垃圾分类工作就是新时尚。

      Chinese cities can produce over 200 million tons of garbage each year. The resultant environmental  problems have become constant headaches in the development of those cities. Enforcing garbage  classification has become an issue of particular urgency under this circumstance. Before the advent of  World Environment Day on June 5 this year, Chinese President Xi Jinping underlined efforts to cultivate  the good habit of garbage classification to improve the living environment and contribute to green and  sustainable development. President Xi Jinping stressed that garbage sorting is a new fashion when he was  on an inspection tour on community-level garbage sorting in Shanghai last November.

       在中国北京、上海等城市,多种具备不同功能的智能垃圾箱正在各个小区陆续试点。比如,北京某小区的一款智能垃圾桶, LED屏会实时更新国家垃圾分类的相应政策,演示分类步骤,还可以实时称重,结算积分,居民可以用积分兑换生活用品。还有更加智能化的垃圾桶,桶身是由2700多个LED灯组成的显示屏,其内部装有传感器,当往里面扔垃圾时, 能自动识别扔的垃圾,并将垃圾虚拟成各种小方块往下落。这样的智能垃圾桶,每一次互动过程都是一堂环保小课,受到小区住户的欢迎。

      In Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai, a variety of multi-functional smart garbage cans are being  put into use in some residential compounds on a trial basis. In a residential compound of Beijing, for  example, a smart garbage can is equipped with a LED screen, which not only shows the updates of national  policies on garbage classification but also demonstrates the correct steps for garbage sorting. It can  also calculate the weight of the garbage and the accumulated points one can get, which can be traded for  some articles of daily use. Another kind of garbage can is even smarter. Its body is actually a screen,  which is made up of over 2700 LED lights. It is equipped with some internal sensors. When people throw  garbage into it, these internal sensors can automatically discern the types of the garbage. Meanwhile,  people can see small boxes simulating the garbage falling down on the screen.They can provide residents with some environmental protection knowledge through their interactive user interfaces. It is no wonder that urban residents cheered for their presence.


      Garbage disposal is a small issue that involves everybody each day. However, it is also a big issue  because it indicates the civility of a given society. More importantly, it is an issue with practical  significance that will affect China’s transformation towards green development. With smart garbage cans  increasingly making their presence felt in our daily life, the idea of garbage sorting will become more  established in the society. Our dream of building a greener and more beautiful China will come true so  long as we start to make small changes right now.

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